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Stories you want to write

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Stories you want to write

Post  MonkeySpotted on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:57 pm

Greetings Apes!

How about we make a story based on any game you ever played?

This is just to see if our fellow Apes are meant to become someday, a writer.

I know its not as fun as AVA, but I made this topic with a good intention: wait for AVA when its updating.

Everytime you write a story and post it here, please put it between [spoiler][/spoiler*]. (take the *)

I have made a story while chatting to C1aS1Kz on Xfire, so, anything that mentions C1aS1Kz had the intention of a joke, no offences. Also, there are some really constructive comments from him that I will let for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your attention and good writing!


Never lose faith on our Apes.

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Re: Stories you want to write

Post  MonkeySpotted on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:58 pm

Apes Squadron

Based on real facts. (in Battlefield 2142)


MonkeySpotted: Im gonna board a titan
C1aS1Kz: lol
MonkeySpotted: fight in a huge starship
MonkeySpotted: while nuke missiles destroy its shield and hull
MonkeySpotted: I am launched in a pod with 5 more teammates
MonkeySpotted: they are my squadron
MonkeySpotted: the Ape Squadron
MonkeySpotted: we are soon landing in the cargo bay
MonkeySpotted: we fight for our lives through the tight but long corridor
MonkeySpotted: I use my Carabine to kill them
MonkeySpotted: we finally get to the Consoles
MonkeySpotted: I plant a demo pak and tell my mates to clear the way
MonkeySpotted: they cover me while I press the button and explode it
C1aS1Kz: oops
C1aS1Kz: lol
MonkeySpotted: as I was saying, my narrative
MonkeySpotted: they cover me as we walk to the huge engine
MonkeySpotted: I open the door with an explosive
MonkeySpotted: its filled with damn Russians
MonkeySpotted: we kill them quickly, but one of ours is hit
MonkeySpotted: we call the doctor and he gives an ampole of morphene and says:
C1aS1Kz: lol
C1aS1Kz: LOL
MonkeySpotted: - you are good to go soldier, now get back to the fight!
C1aS1Kz: lol doses him up with morphene
MonkeySpotted: he then thanks the doc and moves on with his life
MonkeySpotted: doc then takes his Voss-L AR and wipes out the enemies that come
MonkeySpotted: we then have time to explode the titan
MonkeySpotted: doc needs help, and supply man goes with his huge machine gun and fires
MonkeySpotted: doc gets hit and faints
MonkeySpotted: one of our engineers then take the role of doc
C1aS1Kz: r u on crack
C1aS1Kz: o.o
MonkeySpotted: get his kit and take out the defibrilator
MonkeySpotted: he grabs his body and take it to a safe place
C1aS1Kz: what the dead man grabs his own body?
MonkeySpotted: he charges the defibrilator and says
MonkeySpotted: the engineer grabbing docs body
MonkeySpotted: he says:
MonkeySpotted: cmon doc, you can do it
MonkeySpotted: -dont leave us now!
MonkeySpotted: he keeps chargin the defibrilator
MonkeySpotted: and doc wont wake up
MonkeySpotted: I then say:
MonkeySpotted: punch his damn heart to see if works!
C1aS1Kz: lol
MonkeySpotted: engy says:
MonkeySpotted: -you damn crazy?! It will kill him
MonkeySpotted: -yes, thats why my name is
MonkeySpotted: Ape, Crazy Ape
C1aS1Kz: lol
MonkeySpotted: engy ignores me and charges the defibrilator once more
MonkeySpotted: that time it happened
MonkeySpotted: doc took a painful and long breath
MonkeySpotted: and shouted to engy
MonkeySpotted: I damn love you dude!
MonkeySpotted: engy says:
MonkeySpotted: I know
C1aS1Kz: o.o
C1aS1Kz: it sounds good
MonkeySpotted: supply man would constantly shot his machine gun
MonkeySpotted: but its not taking every one
MonkeySpotted: soon, one of the bastards get inside the control panels cabin and says
MonkeySpotted: you are damn dead!
MonkeySpotted: and he starts shooting at us
MonkeySpotted: but suddenly
MonkeySpotted: Supply man turns around and jumps on the enemy, saying
MonkeySpotted: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
MonkeySpotted: he grabs his neck and suffocates him
MonkeySpotted: but the door is a new danger
MonkeySpotted: doc and engy say
MonkeySpotted: We will defend it w/ our lives!
MonkeySpotted: I then say:
MonkeySpotted: -roger soldiers, good luck
MonkeySpotted: they then nod their head and open fire
MonkeySpotted: I got time to blow this freaking ship
MonkeySpotted: *wow, this sounds here in battlefields menu is really giving a nice soundtrack*
MonkeySpotted: I get my demo
MonkeySpotted: and plant it
MonkeySpotted: I smell blood and ashes
MonkeySpotted: and I think to myself
MonkeySpotted: what a wonderful world
MonkeySpotted: *lol*
MonkeySpotted: I program it to blow at my command
MonkeySpotted: I call supply man whos hurt, my sniper, engy, doc and a trooper
MonkeySpotted: I then say:
MonkeySpotted: Fire at will!
MonkeySpotted: *focus on my face*
MonkeySpotted: *goes to soldiers face and their guns*
MonkeySpotted: and they open fire
MonkeySpotted: but the enemy pull us back
MonkeySpotted: slowly
MonkeySpotted: and we are back to the tight corridors
MonkeySpotted: trying to get some cover from ebnemy fire
MonkeySpotted: we are sure gonna end this, dying or blowing
MonkeySpotted: we ignore clasikz, whos crying in a corner because he cant play with us, and go to the cargo bay
MonkeySpotted: but still under enemy fire
MonkeySpotted: engy is then hit on his leg
MonkeySpotted: doc calls for him
MonkeySpotted: but he smiles and says
MonkeySpotted: go without me, Im a soldier
MonkeySpotted: doc nods his head and says
MonkeySpotted: aIm gonna stay
MonkeySpotted: and he takes out his Baur H-AR and shouts
MonkeySpotted: for European Union!
C1aS1Kz: annd?
MonkeySpotted: I say: roger, a sweet death is a bloody death
C1aS1Kz: sso
MonkeySpotted: trooper, supply man and sniper come with me, covering enemy fire
MonkeySpotted: we are approximately at 8Km from the ground
MonkeySpotted: and its a hard descending
MonkeySpotted: we take out all the equipments once we get into the cargo bay
MonkeySpotted: we see engy and doc kicking russians asses
MonkeySpotted: and we pray silently for them
MonkeySpotted: trooper is the first to jump
MonkeySpotted: he goes down slowly
MonkeySpotted: he opens his parachute and falls
MonkeySpotted: sniper is the next
MonkeySpotted: he does the same as trooper
MonkeySpotted: and thats my time
MonkeySpotted: I gotta abbandon doc and engy
MonkeySpotted: dear friends who I have lived and fought together, side by side, in this desert
MonkeySpotted: in the Fall of Berlin, in the frozen fields of Minsk, the dirty Belgrade
MonkeySpotted: and now here, in the Suez Canal
MonkeySpotted: our last battle as Apes Squadron
MonkeySpotted: our final war
MonkeySpotted: our end
MonkeySpotted: I see doc and engy arent ablle to take all the enemies
MonkeySpotted: I see they are tired already
MonkeySpotted: and more and more russians come
MonkeySpotted: I can see a huge pile of corpses
MonkeySpotted: engys and docs blood on the ground
MonkeySpotted: the dark blood from the russians
MonkeySpotted: they say its as cold as Siberia, as poisonous as Stalin
MonkeySpotted: I regret having to let engy and doc by themselves
MonkeySpotted: I can see doc is dying
MonkeySpotted: engy still fighting at his side, carrying an SMG and a Peretta Revolver
MonkeySpotted: he shouts at doc
MonkeySpotted: -Cmon doc, we cant let them reach the rest of the squad!
MonkeySpotted: I realize they are giving their lives to save us
MonkeySpotted: I wake up ffrom this dream
MonkeySpotted: and I prepare to jump
MonkeySpotted: I take all my equipments
MonkeySpotted: and jump
MonkeySpotted: the descending is very difficult
MonkeySpotted: the air pushes you at great speed
MonkeySpotted: it makes your flesh fuse with your skin and bones
MonkeySpotted: you feel like burning
C1aS1Kz: Lol are you explaining the story as u go
MonkeySpotted: even though Im wearing this highly advanced suit, Im still suffering the air with no oxygen
MonkeySpotted: I check my altitude meter
MonkeySpotted: 8Km
MonkeySpotted: 7Km
MonkeySpotted: 6Km
MonkeySpotted: 5Km
MonkeySpotted: 4Km
MonkeySpotted: 3Km
MonkeySpotted: 2Km
MonkeySpotted: and when it comes to 1.5Km
C1aS1Kz: I cant play Battlefield online
MonkeySpotted: I shout
C1aS1Kz: since u made it impossible
MonkeySpotted: Damn!
C1aS1Kz: listen
C1aS1Kz: lol
MonkeySpotted: and I open my parachute
MonkeySpotted: it takes a while for it to open
MonkeySpotted: but in seconds I can feel the sand touching my boots
MonkeySpotted: I look up after taking the parachute
MonkeySpotted: and hear, for a moment
MonkeySpotted: doc and engys shout of pain
MonkeySpotted: I take my detonator
MonkeySpotted: and pray
MonkeySpotted: after 1 second, I hear a sound
MonkeySpotted: but its not engy nor doc
MonkeySpotted: its sniper telling me they are gone
MonkeySpotted: and that we are gonna die too if we stay there and do not blow the titan up
MonkeySpotted: I press the button
MonkeySpotted: we see an enormous fire ball
MonkeySpotted: falling from the sky
MonkeySpotted: its like a star
MonkeySpotted: but a death star
MonkeySpotted: like from Star Wars, but shiny and kinda rectangular
MonkeySpotted: it means a lot to me
MonkeySpotted: it means engy and docs hearts and minds are there
MonkeySpotted: in a star
MonkeySpotted: ready to reborn after some time
MonkeySpotted: to become a super nova
MonkeySpotted: to then become a black hole
MonkeySpotted: I remember when i was a kid
MonkeySpotted: when i first saw a falling star
MonkeySpotted: it looked like a falling star
MonkeySpotted: but also looked like New Years Fireworks
MonkeySpotted: it was really beautiful
MonkeySpotted: We stayed that way for some time
MonkeySpotted: just loking it falling
MonkeySpotted: but soon a APC came to take us to base
MonkeySpotted: we got in and the pilot said
MonkeySpotted: you did great, you saved EU
MonkeySpotted: I say:
MonkeySpotted: at what cost?
MonkeySpotted: and the pilots reflects about it
MonkeySpotted: we move on with our lives
MonkeySpotted: now Im old
MonkeySpotted: just waiting for death to take me
MonkeySpotted: to make me a falling star
MonkeySpotted: to become a super nova and then a black hole
MonkeySpotted: to get back to my dearest friends
MonkeySpotted: to get back to all of our soldiers
MonkeySpotted: to Apes Squad!
MonkeySpotted: *epic soundtrack*
MonkeySpotted: *Credits*
MonkeySpotted: liked my film script? lol
MonkeySpotted: tell me if you liked it plz


Crazy Ape

Thank you for reading

Never lose faith on our Apes.

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Re: Stories you want to write

Post  Classic on Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:07 pm

Dude your a born writer lol nice

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Re: Stories you want to write

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